Free College for NM Residents

Free College for New Mexico Residents

"Free" College 

The Opportunity Scholarship may cover tuition and required fees for eligible New Mexico residents pursuing an approved career training certificate or associate's degree at a New Mexico public college. Note: You must meet certain requirements to be eligible and stay eligible for future semesters. 



Do you want to have an idea about your eligibility? Please take this self-quiz to find out! It should be under the first button that says "click here to get started" on the website. Also, make sure to speak to Financial Aid to confirm your eligibility status for the semester.


How to apply?

You do not need to apply. Contact Financial Aid at 575-769-4060 and ask them to put your name on the list to review because they will need to confirm your eligibility status and check availability of funds. 



1. Be a New Mexico Resident. (United States citizenship is not required.)

2. Be a high school graduate. 

3. Enroll in and earn six credit hours for spring and fall. 

4. Optional: Enroll in and earn three credit hours for summer. 

5. Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA. 

6. Attend a NM public college. 

7. You cannot have a bachelor's degree. 

8. You must work towards an approved training certificate or an associate's degree.

9. At a community college, you can receive the scholarship up to your first associate degree OR completion of 90 credit hours, whichever comes first. 

Caution: You must pass these requirements for EACH consecutive semester or else you could possible lose the scholarship in the future. 



Learn more here! 

Contact Info

Financial Aid Department
Dr. H. A. Miller Student Services Center
Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Blvd.
Clovis, NM 88101

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