Facility Usage

General Policy

Clovis Community College, in keeping with its mission to serve Curry County as a comprehensive community college, provides the use of its facilities when the request does not conflict with the educational programs and purposes of the institution.

Individuals and groups using Clovis Community College facilities must abide by all College rules, as well as local, state and federal laws and regulations. Prohibited activities by community groups include recruiting for a specific religion or conducting religious services by one denomination.

Facilities will not be available for organizations sponsoring courses or educational programs that conflict with existing or planned programs offered by the College. Clovis Community College reserves the right to refuse the use of College facilities to any individual or group. The College also reserves the right to revoke permission to use the facilities even though prior consent may have been given.

The College has no desire to compete with private enterprise in the rental of either its facilities or services. The Facilities Schedule Specialist coordinates College facilities for non-instructional usage.

Facility Usage Guidelines

College-Sponsored Groups

College-sponsored groups may reserve facilities up to six months and no less than seven working days in advance of the event. Those groups not scheduling in a timely manner risk the unavailability of rooms or the inability of maintenance to provide room setups. Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Community Groups

Community groups may reserve facilities up to three months in advance of the event and no less than seven working days prior to their event. Clovis Community College cannot accommodate community groups for more than five consecutive working days for any one activity.

Extended scheduling (regular or intermittent scheduling for more than a one-month period) for community groups is sometimes possible by special arrangement. This extended scheduling may be permitted for special training sessions (as long as these sessions are not in conflict with existing or planned programs offered by the College).

Group Identification and Definitions

Non-Profit Organizations

Any group or organization that holds non-profit status as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (e.g., Boy Scouts, American Red Cross, 4-H Clubs of America). The group or organization must provide the non-profit ID number (EIN) issued to the group by the IRS with their letter of determination.  The letter of determination will be kept on file for future bookings.

Commercial, For-Profit Entities

Any group, organization, or individual receiving compensation for products, services, or promotions (e.g., sales promotions, talent shows, recitals, plays, and instruction). Solicitation events are not permitted to be held on campus premises.

Facility Request Process

  • Contact the Help Desk Specialist II at 575.769.4969 or by email at helpdesk@clovis.edu.
  • If appropriate space is available, the Help Desk Specialist will enter the event into the campus calendar and email you the confirmation.
  • Sign the Facility Use Confirmation and return it to the Help Desk Specialist II on campus room 119 or email it to helpdesk@clovis.edu.
  • The Business Office will bill the requesting organization for the agreed charge during the week following the event.

Facility Rules

  • An organizational sponsor or representative must be on the premises at all times during the scheduled event.
  • Facility users may not provide or serve food in CCC buildings without written consent. Catering is available through the on-campus food service vendor. To make catering arrangements, please contact the vendor directly at 575.769.4159.
  • Food is allowed in designated classrooms and conference rooms only. Beverages are allowed in sealed cups only.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold, supplied, or consumed on the College grounds.
  • Any equipment needs, set-up assistance, or other support must be requested at the time of scheduling.
  • Sponsor assumes full responsibility for the facilities and/or damaged equipment and agrees to pay immediate restitution for damages.
  • Those using the facility are responsible for crowd control, discipline, admission, arrangement, ushering and care of the property.
  • Any furniture or equipment moved for an event must be returned to its original position before the sponsoring organization leaves the Campus. A $50 fee will be charged,in addition to the room charge, if the room is not left as it was found. This applies to full-day usage only.
  • No materials or decorations may be attached to the walls or floors by tape, tacks, or any other means unless a written plan is approved as a part of this request.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all College buildings.
  • Minors are not allowed to use facilities without adult supervision from the sponsoring organization.
  • Use will not be granted for games or for entertainment that includes animals.
  • Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in refusal of future facility reservation requests.

The College will be responsible for payment of its employees for services involving the use of facilities. Tipping and/or other gratuities are neither expected nor permitted.

Calculation Formula for Daily Use

Half Day — 4 hours or less
Full Day — 4.5-8 hours
Full Day Plus — over 8 hours

Facility Use Fees for Non-Profit Groups

During business hours:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
No facility fees are charged to non-profit groups using the facilities during business hours.

After CCC business hours:
Half Day
$50 - Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$150 - Town Hall

Full Day
$100 - Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$200 - Town Hall

Full Day Plus
$125 - Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$250 - Town Hall

Media Technician Fees* (after business hours only)
$25 — Half Day
$50 — Full Day
$75 — Full Day Plus

Facility Use Fees for Commercial Groups

Weekday and weekend (during and after business hours)
Half Day
$50 — Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$200 — Town Hall

Full Day
$100 — Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$300 — Town Hall

Full Day Plus
$125 — Classrooms and Conference Rooms
$350 — Town Hall

Media Technician Fees* (after business hours only)
$50 — Half Day
$100 — Full Day
$150 — Full Day Plus

*A Media Technician must be present to operate lighting, projection equipment, and sound equipment requiring microphones or other special sound system needs. Arrangement must be made at least one week in advance through the Facilities Schedule Specialist.


There will be no charge for activities canceled 48 hours prior to the event if the College has not performed any services.