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Clovis Community College currently utilizes Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for Online Courses.  A Canvas 101 training course is available to all CCC instructors (linked below).  Also available is a CCC Student Orientation Course (linked below).

Canvas 101

CCC Student Orientation

Q:  Can students see my course in Canvas before the semester starts?  I'm afraid to publish my course too early.

A:  No.  Student access to course content is not available until the start date at 8:00 a.m. MT.  Please publish your course as soon as possible before the start date.

Q:  How do I set up a virtual meeting or conference with my online students?

A:  CCC offerers FERPA compliant Canvas Conferences and Zoom. These tools allow you to set up an online meeting in your specific course. We have videos on how to get started.

Canvas Conference

How to Schedule a Conference in Canvas using Zoom

Q:  How do I get additional help with Canvas?

A:  Instructional Technologists are thoroughly trained in Canvas administration and instruction. You are welcome to request an appointment by email or phone. If you have technical assistance needs, the fastest way for us to help is by creating a Help Desk ticket.

Q: How do I create a quiz using New Quizzes?

A. Canvas has implemented a new feature called New Quizzes! NQ's is a quiz engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and replaces the Classic Quizzes functionality currently existing in canvas. 

How to create a New Quiz in Canvas

Q: Do you have a list or examples for Faculty to use to improve the design and feel of a Canvas course?

A. Yes, we have a checklist that includes a combination of curriculum and design components, that will assist you! This list is a combination of essential tips, best practices, along with embedded links to further expand the meaning of each section.

Course Checkllist v3.0

Q: Does the CTLA offer some kind of course shell that's already set up with a profressional design look?

A. Yes! The CTLA offers Canvas Templates, that you can import into your course. You can edit this template as your own! Submit a helpdesk ticket, if you'd like access and more information about our Templates.


Online Courses
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