Assurance Argument

The Assurance Argument and Evidence File

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will conduct an Assurance Review of Clovis Community College to determine if the college continues to meet accreditation criteria. The review consists of an organization’s Assurance Argument and Evidence File. The Assurance Argument is a narrative where the institution explains how it meets HLC's Criteria for Accreditation. For each of the five criteria, CCC's Assurance Argument will:

  • Articulate how each Core Component within every Criterion is met.
  • Provide a summary statement on additional ways the college fulfills the Criterion beyond the Core Components.
  • Link to materials in the college’s Evidence File for each claim or argument made.

The college’s Evidence File contains supporting information for the Assurance Argument and may include materials, such as mission statements, budget documents, assessment and curriculum reports, meeting minutes from prominent committees, course catalog, class schedules and specialized accreditation information.