About Parchment

What is Parchment?

Parchment works with institutions and corporations around the world helping people collect, promote and share their education credentials in simple and secure ways. The company's Software-as-a-Service offering, Parchment Exchange enables the secure, rapid exchange of millions of electronic transcripts and other student records among nearly 9,000 schools and universities, six state education agencies, and hundreds of thousands of individuals.

What is the Parchment Exchange service provided by Parchment?

It is a service that automates the ordering, processing and delivery of student transcripts for both secondary and postsecondary education. Parchment Exchange gives online convenience, saves school registrars time and effort with a web-based workflow management tool, and provides consistent, secure transcripts to receiving institutions.

How does the e-Transcript service work?

A student at a participating institution uses the link on the school's website, enters identifiable information, selects a password and chooses where to send the transcript. These transcript requests are made available electronically to the sending institution's administrator, who approves the requests and uploads student transcript records electronically to Parchment. Parchment then delivers official transcripts, electronically, according to the receiving institution's preference. The student receives an email confirmation when the transcripts are sent, and if delivered electronically, when received as well.

Is the Parchment Exchange service FERPA compliant?

Yes. Transcripts are sent through the Parchment Exchange service in a manner compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

What are the benefits of Clovis Community College participating in e-Transcripts?

  • Students and alumni can request transcripts online 24 hours a day/seven days a week.
  • Participating secondary and postsecondary schools have the ability to send transcripts seamlessly.
  • Automated notifications are sent to students when transcripts are processed and received, reducing student support calls.
  • Faster transcript delivery to New Mexico and nationwide colleges, NCAA, the military, scholarship programs, and third-party destinations such as employment verification and insurance companies.
  • Reduction of time commitment by school staff to process transcripts, allowing staff to focus on other student needs.
  • Creation of a legible electronic transcript to be read by and shared with admissions counselors, academic advisors, scholarship committees, etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting has been built into the system for all authorized administrators.

What information will be included on the e-Transcript?

All of the information CCC currently places onto a transcript will be included.

Do colleges get to choose what their e-Transcripts will look like?

Yes. The Parchment-delivered transcript will contain the exact same information CCC's current transcript contains and will look exactly the same, but will be delivered in a Parchment secure PDF. An official seal and signature will be included on each transcript.

Who will see the student's e-Transcript?

Only key personnel in charge of handling transcripts (usually the school registrar/admissions office), the receiving institution's selected staff are able to view the student's transcript. The information is secure during transmission. Parchment does not send documents to students or other non-validated recipients without signed authorization from the student through CCC’s online ordering.

Is an e-Transcript provided through the Parchment Exchange service official?

Yes. Schools who register legally appoint Parchment as their exclusive "agent," allowing Parchment to send official school transcripts on their behalf.

Who can order transcripts with the Parchment Exchange service?

Any current or past student from the sending school can order transcripts through the Parchment Exchange system. Of course, requests from students who have records that cannot be retrieved electronically or who have holds on their account will not be processed and will need to be handled appropriately by the Admissions and Records office.

When are e-Transcripts sent?

Parchment sends transcripts to receiving institutions when schools approve the order and upload the transcript records to Parchment. Parchment notifies the student, via email, as soon as the school has made the student's records available to Parchment. Parchment sends the electronic transcript immediately. Another email is then sent to the student indicating that the receiver can access the transcript.

Where can transcripts be sent?

Parchment sends records to all colleges and universities in the United States, as well as to the NCAA and scholarship funds that require transcripts. Parchment regularly updates the list of accredited agencies in response to suggestions from schools and students. In addition, transcripts can also be delivered to individuals and other destinations not present in the Parchment Exchange recipient database upon receipt of student electronic authorization.

What does a student need to order transcripts online?

To order transcripts online, a student will need to login to Pathway (preferred method) or create an account. If they create an account, they will be expected to provide their full name, DOB, last 4-digits of their social security number, and a valid email address. This information is required for two reasons:

  1. The administrator at the sending school uses this information to identify the student in their system; and
  2. Parchment uses this information to confirm that the records sent from the school match the student's request.

For applicable fees, a credit or debit card will be required for payment. If a student does not have a credit or debit card, money cards can be purchased at local retailers to use online.

How many transcripts can a student order at once?

A student can select as many receiving institutions as he/she wishes at one time. A student can also log in again at any time to request transcripts for additional institutions.

Can a student order a transcript before their current semester is over?

If a student wants to order transcripts now, but the school has not posted final grades or degrees yet, a student can choose the “Hold for grades” or “Hold for degree” option when placing an order. Parchment will wait until the school has posted final grades and/or degrees to send the transcript.

Can a school place a transcript request on hold?

Yes. If a transcript request has been placed on hold, this means the school has chosen not to approve the request at this time. There can be many reasons, including a student's indebtedness, standing with the school, or a data-entry error that must to be corrected.

What is the fee for students?

Postsecondary institutions may charge their students for data handling cost at their discretion. All applicable fees are paid online to Parchment and then reimbursed to the college on a monthly basis. Clovis Community College has chosen to charge $6 per e-transcript. Should a student choose to send a paper transcript rather than an e-transcript, additional shipping fees will be applied.

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